Another day in Bodø. After breakfast I wanted to explore the city. Not so much to explore, but again with geocaching you get around.

The transport alternative of choice was an eBike of the same company I had rented the car from. Placed at bike standsaround the city. Use the app, unlook the bike and take a ride. Sounds easy? Yeah, but first find a bike (the first place didn’t exist) and then I needed 12 tries to free a bike from the stand. But finally I could hop on and drive away.

As I mentioned… Bodø is a small city. There is not much to see unless you are into museums (which I am not that much) that are also pricey. So for me it was just a 3 hour ride until lunchtime. Found some geocaches of course. I got some stuff from the small supermarket close to the hotel and went for a break at my room.

I admit this was boring. Bad planning on my side, but when there is not much to do (or only stuff I could do at home, too) and you travel alone you should have thought about the options. So I just booked a cinema ticket for the evening. A Quiet Place 2.

Went for another shopping trip to the supermarket to make some dinner (didn’t want pizza again and not spent to much money). Great service at the hotel again. Asked for some cutlery and a plate to make me some food at the room (and for the next day) and the waiter send me to the breakfast buffet area and said “Knock yourself out and take what you need”. Very happy with the service.

The local mall at 23:30… midnight “sun”

Movie was Ok. The cinema was the typical older Norwegian town cinema (few seats) but good enough entertainment. This was also the end of this day. Train ride tomorrow.

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