Sunday, 2.4.2023

A new early morning. My flight with Norwegian leaves at 7:20 am. Waking up at 4:30 am and sneaking into the breakfast room before 5 am. The Buffet for the early bird is fully stocked, minus the warm options.

Caught the shuttle (easier with all the luggage) directly from the hotel entrance to to airport. Quick check-in at the machine and leaving the luggage to the belly of the beast (read: airport) and hoping to get my bags in Berlin this time.

No lounge since I am flying economy. Waiting at the gate. Flight leaves on time, not totally filled up for the 95 minutes to Berlin. Downloaded some videos for my own IFE-system.

First time I land at BER. Fun fact: I was one of the airport testers in 2011 when they wanted to open and then they found all the problems. 🙂 Not my fault!

I only saw the terminal for the low cost carriers. Ok, nothing special. Just grabbing my bags (which arrived as they should) and head out to the station at terminal 1. Buying a 24-hours ticket for the ABC-zone in the app is the cheapest way. A little under 11 € for the time. The S-Bahn takes me to Berlin-Südkreuz and there I want to take the bus M26 to the hotel.

But at Südkreuz all elevator and escalators are not working. Just to the wrong side and the bags are terrible to push around. Taxi is the solution. Just that I had to guide the driver for my hotel with Google maps. He should have known. 16 € for a self guided drive.

But we don’t get to the hotel, since it is the Berlin Marathon and the road in Front of the hotel is closed. I have to find ĂĄ hole between the groups og runners and get help from a official to cross the street to my hotel.

Titanic Hotel KurfĂĽrstendamm is located close to Wittenbergplatz and the KaDeWe. Very good location. But of course I am to early and Just leave my luggage until later that afternoon.

Due to the marathon I had to walk to Zoologischer Garten. No busses. I had to wait before entering the Station since someone used the fire alarm… Idiots.

I do some geocaching and no shops are open on Fridays so next stop Alexanderplatz. It is still cold here. Walking towards Hackesche Höfe, having a Bubba Milk Tea on the way.

Time to check in to the hotel. Back to Zoologischer Garten and Bus to the hotel.

A nice room with a big bathroom (for wheelchairs). I have no breakfast with the Hotel and buying would cost 18 €/day – that gives me lots of food other places. So I stand over.

Dinner is easy – a Berlin Döner Kebab from a close by restaurant. Very nice and lightyears better that the shit you get in Norway.

After to early morning I decide to hit the hay early.

One thought on “Berlin Easter 2023 – Day 2”

  1. Norwegian autocorrection seems to be hitting hard here: og = of; ĂĄ selv guided = a self guided …

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