Saturday, 1.4.2023

Easter holidays and as always I am on my way home to Germany. Before I go home to my Parents, I will have 4 nights in Berlin.

I had to start a day early, since there are no good connecting flights from Molde via Oslo. And of course there is no bus that will get early enough to the airport.

A nice 260 NOK taxi ride for starters.

Checked in 2 pieces of luggage (you get home and take to much stuff back) and boarding the half empty flight. I bought a bonus Ticket in SAS, so it was Eco+ with a small breakfast. Flight time was only 45 Minutes.

But then the fun started. Arriving in Oslo and waiting for my bags, and waiting and waiting some more until the “Last bag on belt” appears. Nothing! Contacted the service desk and they should have been on the flight, but they are now here to be found. Great. How can you manage to miss two pieces of luggage on a one-stop domestic flight? Waited for the next flight to get their bag if mine were left somewhere, but nothing.

Filled the form for lost luggage and left my address for Oslo and Berlin, just in worst case. The Lady at the service counter Was very friendly and helpful. Remember to be nice to them, then they are very nice to you. Even got a amenity kit.

Bus 420 to the Clarion Hotel Oslo Airport. That saves some money with half the price of the shuttle.

Got an early check-in in my upgraded superior room. I love my status (Nordic Choice Club Platinum) . And suddenly I get an SMS that my luggage was found. And Bring Express called shortly after, that they could deliver in the evening.

But I didn’t want to wait, so back to the airport (with the shuttle), getting my bags and back to the hotel with the normal bus (24-hour ticket saved money).

Taking my phone and my swimming gear and back into the bus to Jessheim centrum. On my way to the pool some caching. A little bit over an hour of swimming and the to the city to grab a bite.

Back to the hotel by bus and some relaxing on the super comfy bed. I booked the cheaper Hotel (I used some points), but since they hade few guests they closed it over Easter and put everybody in the better hotel. Like it.

Dinner at the hotel. Some pasta with chicken. Half price due to my status Voucher. Quite nice and again friendly staff.

Watched “All against one” (a Norwegian TV show) and then went to sleep, since I have to get breakfast at 5 am…

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