Waking up at 4:30 because of the storm and a very cold room. Can’t do anything about the storm, but fix the temperature. After that I sleep until 9:00

Breakfast again. This time the croissants are not burned. 🙂 Small details. 😛 After breakfast it is collecting some stuff and go for a nice walk through Ålesund. I have check out at 14:00 so no need tu hurry.

I have a blue sky. Great weather to film a little bit, look at the city and do some Geocaches and Adventure labs that I wasn’r able to do before. Different themes: The sea and Art Nuveau. ‘

Walking over Brosundet into the older part of the city. Art nuveau buildings (some would need som love and care) and a right turn towards the small lighthpuse in the harbour. Here there are some building that don’t fit in. But over all a pleasant walk. A nice view at the lighthouse into Brosundet and than back alond the older wooden buildings.

Up the stairs towards Åklesund church. You can seem where the city fire started and were it went,. One side wooden housen, one side stone houses,

The weather is getting worse. It is starting to snow now. I do as much caches as I can but in the end, the snow wins and I go back to the hotel.

Latest possible checkout. Amazing and friendly staff at the reception. A good choice. Driving out of the city towards Molde. At Moa shopping center, the sky becomes blue again and the snow stopps. Quick turn back towards the city to get up to Aksle. The best view over the city. A little bit slippery up the road, but the view is phantastic. And at this time of the year you can even go there without crowds. Very few tourists in January.

Back in the car and heading home. A small little weekend escape from sitting at home office alle the time and if it is just the next city.

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