As always, when you could sleep you wake up early. But no reason to leave bed yet. Especially when you hear the rain outside. Only thing to do i to stay in bed, with some YouTube and wait until the perfect time for breakfast.

That time is a little bit before 9 am. Clothes and mask on and down to the breakfast area. A nice buffet with a lot of choices. Fresh orange juice, small pancakes, bread, all kind of stuff for the bread – a good start for the day.

And since I am here to find some geocaches I just have to change into waterproof outdoor clothes and drive to the area near the aquarium. More rain. It’s getting worse, not better. But the first two are easy finds, then it gets harder and wetter. After 45 Minutes I am wet on the outside and even the waterproof clothes startto give up. When I end the round I am wet to the underware. I might og might not have been forced to go down a hill on my behind – more a waterslide. Only way to solve this is to switch on the seat heater. On more cache on the way and then the dry parking under Aksla. Swimming and sauna at the Bybadet (the City pool) in Ålesund. A great (somewhat expensive) piece of infrastucture. But a good way to get warm.

After swimming and defrosting the rain has (nearly ) stopped. For once the weather forecast was right. Down to the harbour and some more geocaches and a walk with my camera. Maybe I make a shor video for my YouTube channel about Ålesund. I even managed so lang on my bum in front of some tourists at Ålesund museum… slippery gras… just my pride is hurt. 😀

Again the weather forecast is right. The wind started. They warned about a full storm from the afternoon. Back to the hotel, into the room and do some stuff online. Writing the blog, some questionair. Outside the Storm is comming. My room is directly at the water and the wind sounds like the windows are breaking. Best to stay inside.

My room is very cold. Unnaturally cold and I am freezing. I check the heater and there is no warmth, even on the highest setting (old system). At the reception I get the news that they had some problems and the technician is working on it. But she would get me a heater. Only 3 minutes later a knock on the door and 2 minutes later the heater is pushing out warm air at 1200 Watt. Now we are talking. Much better.

Soon it is time for dinner. Using my 13 EUR status voucher I order the burger at the restaurant. Quite Ok. Good portion. 9 EUR on my bill. Back to the room and after using my HDMI cable and adapter it is Netflix time on the romms TV. Prepared for everything.

The storm is now at full strength and I can hear the rain against the window, which are still ratteling. Bedtime at midnight.

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