As the heat is rolling over Norway (but I won’t complain in comparison to central Europe) I take some time away from my city and go on a road trip to Östersund ind Sweden.

As it is going slow at work due to holiday season, I will leave directly after lunch and drive towards Trondheim. On the way, I will (hopefully) find some Geocaches for the event that is going on at the moment. But all in all it will be a chilled drive. Putting on an audio book and then getting to Scandic Hell (yes, the place is called Hell) at the Trondheim Airport. Bakground to stop here is the location where I don’t have to drive into the city center of Trondheim (my only stop will be IKEA) and close to the E14 that will take me to Sweden. The other reason is, that I had enough bonus points from their loyalty program to get the night free. A free night including breakfast is nothing you can say no to. 🙂

The next morning will be the tour to Östersund. Last time I arrived to late for anything to be open. There is nothing special there. It is just me getting somewhere else and Trondheim is old news. It is only 3 hours more driving. 😛 I will stay at the Clarion Hotel Grand Östersund for the night and drive back on Sunday. Just som walking around, drinking coffee (ore iced coffee when it is warm) and do as little as possible. On the way back maybe a little stop in Åre with a cable car tour (if the weather is right and I have the time to do it).

So just a short trip. More on the blog after the tour.


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