Last full day in Seattle. First deal of the day is a small bike ride. I wanted to check out the new Amazon Go shop concept I heard about. You download the app, connect it to your Amazon account and go there. Just check in at the entrance, pick what you need and go out again. Amazing. There are sensors all over the place that register if you take something, put it back, put it in your backpack. Very easy (minus the fact that Amazon gets some BigData of you^^).

My plan for today is to do a slow day. So a new bike tour down to the ferry terminal. On the walking tour a trip to the island of Bainbridge. The deal is a 8.50 USD ticket for a pedestrian and there is no ticket for the way back, you just walk on the ferry. You get a nice harbor tour out of it, with a view over the Seattle skyline (there are other, much more expensive boat tours to get).

I have 30 minutes before the next ferry leaves. No need to get out. Just sit and wait. The ferry is not the newest one and the passenger area smells like p***. But I want to be outside anyway. It is a little bit cloudy, but the photo opportunities are great. The trip is only 35 minutes long. First thing out of the ferry terminal is the geocache at the parking lot. So easy. ūüôā

Seattle skyline
Seattle skyline

I walk towards the small town center. It seems more like a weekend getaway. Smaller shops, galleries, more on the art side of business. But cosy. Not many people here today. After wandering around the streets some more i think it is ti e to get some breakfast/lunch (which I hopped over again).

Saw a Mexican restaurant on my way in, so it is Isla Bonita for lunch. First when you sit down – they come with tortilla chips and two dips. Why order food? ūüėÄ But I opt for the enchilada with pork/beef. Food arrives fast and is tasty. But waaaaaaay to much. They could save/make more money with smaller portions. The Iced tea is actual black tea with ice in it. All together cots me 13 USD – that is not much at all.

After paying I leave to catch the ferry and get on board when they sound the 2 minutes warning (the announce the departure that you an hurry up^^). The weather is better now, and the sun comes through. Another set of pictures of the skyline.

Next I go to the cinema. There is one in downtown Seattle and the have the new version of Pet Sematary (it is spelled that way^^). Old classic. Nice film Рno surprises. I know the book. But nice cinema with only two persons watching.

Another stop at Amazon Go for some fruit salad for dinner and then to the hostel. I pack for my flight tomorrow. Everything has to be in the right spot for hand luggage and backpack that I have under the seat). Some Netflix on the tablet and I fall asleep quite early.

A long flight and a new city tomorrow.

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