What do you do, when you still have a lot of days of holiday left, but no plans? When your holiday budget still has a buffer? You plan another trip. And again, with all the uncertainties around it has to be inside of Norway.

Many people – in normal times – dream of a trip along the Norwegian coast with the costal express – Hurtigruten – from Hamburg/Bergen all the way up to Kirkenes. More than a week of travel. Many harbors to visit and many expensive tours to take on such a cruise.

But when you cannot think of being confined to a ship for that long? Then you are lucky to live at one of the harbors of the Hurtigruten. And they do not just offer the long cruises, but they are a kind of public transport in Norway. You can book trips from port to port.

That is exactly what I did. In the main season until the end of August, the trips – even the short ones – are expensive. So I looked for a trip, that was ok in price and gives me the offer of beautiful nature at daytime. So I researched on the Hurtigruten homepage and found my trip.

I start on the 10th of september (at 1:30 am^^) in Tromsø and will arrive in Molde (and then go home by foot) 2 days and 19 hours later at 9:15 pm on the 12th. That gives me the opportunity to see the Lofoten fjords in daylight. The days are not to short so enough daylight the take many pictures, film and just enjoy the trip

My ship should be the “MS Richard With”

I booked an inside cabin since I don’t need a view when sleeping and the whole trip without meals costs about 340 EUR/410 USD. For 2,5 nights in an hotel with transport it would have cost more. Ok, the food comes on top, but I checked the travel plan, and there are longer stops in some ports where there is a shop close by. A lot of money saved. (All meals would cost 240 EUR on top).

And how to get there? Burn some more bonus points with SAS, since they feel so alone on my account. 6000 points for a one way ticket Molde – Bergen – Tromsø and taxes of 17 EUR. Bargain! Turbo-prop flights with Widerøe the whole way. 1500 km to get there. I just had to think about that I have to arrive the day before. I am leaving the 10th, but directly after midnight.

Traveling early that will give me a day in Tromsø for preparation shopping and Geocaching. Been there once with my union.

The stay tuned for another small trip report on this blog. You don’t need to travel far to have adventures. 🙂 Stay save!

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