They day was spent exploring the city with the whole familiy. After I have lived in the city for 9 month as an exchange student (2002/2003) and speaking the language – ok, the speaking has become a mix of norwegian and swedish, but it works great – I was the guide for the tour.

This was the Easter weekend, so the city was full of tourists. Who can blame them – it is just beautiful here. My tactics were not to go to the biggest attractions when everybody is there and stand in a crowd of “we-travel-Europe-in-4-days” kind of tourists.

Start of the tour was the toutrist information at Sergels Torg. It is the perfect place because all underground lines meet here (if you fing the right exit! – Sergels Torg/SJ!).

I will later post a map of the route. Quiet a long walk, but worth it. In fact I may post several maps for the different areas in Stockholm. You just can’t do it in one day.


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