On my way back from New Zealand I will have a nice layover in Singapore. About 18 hours to explore the city. I have the option of taking a free City Tour offered by Singapore Airlines because of a layover from 6+ hours, but the times are not the best for me. I think I will enter Singapore on my own and explore the city from the early morning to the evening.

Checking the internet for my standard free walking tours, there is not much coming up that would fit in my schedule. A Hop-on Hop-off tour by bus seems to be the best option. Alternatively I can use public transport, but before that I have to check the sights that one should see/I want to see.

Another option would be to try a quick crossing of the border between Singapore and Malaysia. This would just be for geocaching purposes (and another stamp in the passport) and luckily I don’t need a visa to cross the border with my German passport. I can be a little bit more spontaneous.



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