Why do I always wake up early when I could sleep? 5:30 am and I am well rested. Terrible. No breakfast before 7 am.

First person down t the reception. Paying my room. The lady there was a little bit astonished you stay until the 17th…”Yes, but I like to pay at once. Norwegian works well. As most people think I am of Danish origin in Norway, it might help here.

The breakfast is Ok. Roll, bread, cereals etc. All you need in the morning. Out of the window, the weather doesn’t look to good. Nothing you can see and it is raining.

Breakfast buffet at the hotel. All you need.
Breakfast buffet at the hotel. All you need.

Starting my tour on the island of Streymoy (where Torshavn is located) I nearly turned around after a few kilometers. You cannot see more than 20 meter. But the optimism is bigger. I continue my tour in hope of better weather, if not sunshine. I try to drive from geocache to geocache as they are located in the most interesting places I want to see anyway. Using the Waze App works great.

First stop Kollafjodur. An old timber church in this village along the national road no. 10. The rain is not to funny, but I even manage to take some pictures. Driving to Hvalvik where the panoramic route to Saksun starts. An 11 km drive through a valley ending in a small village – more information about Saksun in the link. Beautiful spot. Great view over the bay. I am wet like fresh out of the shower but the clouds are getting less. Nice small church. On the way back the same way there is even a hint of sunshine.

At the village of Saksun. Would be nicer in sunshine, but you have to manage with what you got...
At the village of Saksun. Would be nicer in sunshine, but you have to manage with what you got…

Next stop is Eidis on the island of Eysturoy. What the Faroe Islands have a lot of is views (and sheep). Find a geocache at a nice spot looking over a fjord. On the map I see not only another cache, but another panoramic road to the village of Gjógv. Some bicycles on the way up the road. Some stunning views on the way. The village of Gjógv is picturesque. Small roads, a little church, a small river and great view over the Atlantic.

The village of Gjógv
The village of Gjógv

The Faeroe Islands are great if you love nature, hate trees (none her) and like to go on hikes. There are some interesting routes if you are into this kind of activity (which I am not). But driving is like meditation for me. I have my audio book (Rebecca Gable – “The settlers of Catan”) on all the time.

The weather is changing again and I think I will work my way back to Torshavn. Not listening to the GPS I chose the street via Funningur and Funningsfjordur before heading back. I chose the alternative road 10, which is also a panoramic road. Here I end up in some low hanging clouds and have to slow the speed down.

The landscape on the Faroe islands.
The landscape on the Faroe islands.

Entering the city from the other side s you would normally you get  nice view over the city. Have to com back when I am ding my tour of Torshavn tomorrow. Short stop at the hotel to get my swimming gear and head to the public pool. 30 Danish kroner is a very fair price. Some swimming, a nice sit in in the sauna and then I try to find some food. But it seems like every restaurant is closed on Sundays or offers to expensive food or offer fish… I end up t the SMS mall again, this time trying the other burger chain. Not optimal but filling.

Tomorrow will be a day of exploring Torshavn and the surrounding areas.


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