We have come to the middle of August and you cannot finish the year without any travel plans for the next year to come.

Some trips are already in the box, others will come as I have more information about when I can get of work etc. Let’s have a look at which trips I will/want to do:

  • 03/2020 – Tokyo – already booked
  • 04/2020 – Germany (my standard Easter trip) – not booked
  • xx/2020 – Moscow (Finnair bonus trip) – not booked
  • xx/2020 – A guys trip somewhere (hopefully) – not booked
  • xx/2020 – A geocaching weekend in Ireland (depends on visitors from Germany/Canada) – not booked
  • 09/2020 – A (long) weekend in Stockholm (meet my parents) – not booked
  • 12/2020 – Germany (Christmas holidays) – not booked

So only one long distance trip next year – until now. Many smaller trips. But I am planning on going on a long distance trip in 2021… yes… already thinking that far ahead. 🙂 But there will be more information later.

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