The new year has started. I hope all of my readers are well and in good mood to make this year better than the last one.

I stayed in Germany for the last weeks of 2020 to celebrate Christmas with my family. Three weeks at home has not happened for a long time. But I had so many holidays left, that I had to use them somehow. And I still have 6 day that I transferred to 2021.

One thing seems clear: There will not be much of traveling abroad in 2021. I still have family visits on the program, but otherwise it doesn’t look good at the moment.

Travel plans and ideas

So I have some plans. Due to the crisis in the travel industry in Norway, they had some nice offers before Christmas. I booked two nights at a Trondheim hotel (on two different weekends – one night Saturday to Sunday) and a weekend in Bergen in the beginning of May 2021. This is combined with a bonus miles trip on Widerøe directly from Molde to Bergen for 50 EUR in taxes return.

It seems, that my best friend and I have to move our guys trip a little bit further into the future – I don’t see any option to get to Moscow this year – and I wouldn’t go as the situation presents itself at the moment. But the trip will come sooner or later and I am still looking forward to it. Lots one can do together here in Norway – he might even send me up a mountain, who knows.

But two trips are in my head, making use of the country I live in. One is a trip to Bodø (which is on the heights of the Lofoten I visited last year, but on the main land). I plan a flight up there, staying two or three nights (maybe, if lucky, meet a friend I haven’t seen in many years and who lives “close” by) and then take the railway down to Trondheim. It is a 10 hour trainride and when the weather is good, it is said to be a great trip. Not to expensive if you book early.

The other trip I think about is a tour to Kirkenes in northern Norway, close to the Russian/Finish border. There I would take a long weekend – there is a national tourist route that is said to be beautiful.

I have a stupid idea of a trip to Longyearbyen in my head, but that is not an easy one with less flights and expensive hotels. But we will see.


Otherwise the plans are not clear yet. I think about some geocaching using my car, our local cache community is planning a weekend with a lot of Mystery caches we work on together and there is always things on can do. With geocaching as a hobby you always have a reason to go places.

Other stuff

I still have some videos for my YouTube channel that have to be finished. Even videos from 2019. I didn’t take the time to edit them. But better late than never. Maybe there are som new comming up with my activities this year, who knows.

The blog will be updated when there is something interesting to write about. Stay tuned and Happy New Year!

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