A new year has started and the first month has come half the way. New year means new possibilities to travel and as far as I know, I have done a good job planning ahead for the year.

That means that a lot of what is going to happen this year already is planned an booked – at least through summer. There are some holes later this year but I will fix those in the future.

This year many shorter trips (the weekend kind of trip) and this year now long haul traveling. The prices have gone up so bad, that I will stay on the continent. But not a problem – there is much to see here, too.

And there are still many places that I can explore. A mixture of city escapes, sightseeing and just relaxing – combined with some caching. Many stays and trips have been payed for with bonus points. The summer holidays are a combination of cache and bonus.

What are my plans? You might have seen the picture I put out here… This is the list as of today:

03.-05.02.2023 – Bergen, Norway
24.-26.02.2023 – Haugesund, Norway
10.-13.03.2023 – Trondheim, Norway
24.-27.03.2023 – Gothenburg, Sweden
01.-06.04.2023 – Berlin, Germany
06.-16.04.2023 – Dortmund, Germany
16.-20.05.2023 – Manchester, United Kingdom
27.-29.05.2023 – Drammen, Norway (Vikingevent Horten)
24.-26.06.2023 – Oslo, Norway
20.-29.07.2023 – Porto, Portugal
29.07.-07.08.2023 – Bratislava, Slovakia
12/2023 – Dortmund, Germany

This list is of course not complete. And I will do my best to keep my blog more up to date this year!

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