Early morning when my alarm went off. Taxi to the airport – I know I am lazy. 🙂 Flight with SAS to Oslo Gardermoen and on to Copenhagen.

I had no plans to stay the 5.5 hour overlay at the airport so I put my luggage (carry on only) to a locker and then took the metro to downtown. 16 DKK is not a bad price. I have the Danish travel Card which works great. A stroll down Strøget, eating some great Danish strawberry cake. Passing the famous Tivoli and into the station to take the train back to the airport.

Yummy strawberry cake at Lavkagehuset
Yummy strawberry cake at Lavkagehuset

3 hours left. Some food, audio book, running around – the usual stuff. Gate 21 today. SK1777 to the Faroe Islands. Tell me about exotic destinations. The A320 is waiting. More people than I thought going there.

SAS from Molde to Oslo
SAS from Molde to Oslo

Seat 18F at the window. No one occupying the middle seat. Perfect. The captain says the trip will take 2 hours. And that it is windy at the arrival airport. Quick check before start – wind at 6 on the B scale… great. That will be shaky.

My seat neighbor is a policeman from Torshavn. A little small-talk. Time flies when you do stuff. Thick clouds over the Atlantic and the Faeroe Islands. The arrival is shaky. The pilot has to get in on an angle. But finally I am where I wanted to be for the next 4 days. Long weekends are great.

The airport is very small. Out in no time. Now I have to search(!) for my rental car. I got a map from Unicar where the car should be – they just changed the layout of the parking lot. The wind is blowing very hard, even I have to fight a little.

Finally found the car. A silver Golf which already has done 270000 km. But no problem. Car is open, inside with some information about the rental. Off to Torshavn which is ca. 50 km away.

My VW Golf rental far from Unicar.fo
My VW Golf rental far from Unicar.fo

I can feel the wind pressing the car and it is raining hard. Short stop to take the first geocache on the Islands. Driving to Torshavn using the undersea tunnel (included in the car rental, otherwise 100 DKK return). Driving into he city and finding the hotel without any problems.

My hotel room. Simple but sufficiant
My hotel room. Simple but sufficient

No parking space… Going inside to get the key – nobody there. Just a PostIt with my name on it and a key to room 311. Great. Everything is open here. 🙂 But I need some food and because I don’t know where to go and the weather is not inviting I take a tour to Burger King at the SMS Shopping mall. Same taste everywhere. 🙂

Back to the hotel. The room is on the 3rd floor, overlooking the sea (which produces some high waves at the moment). Double bed (space for me). The standard is OK. All I need. Free WiFi, TV, lights, electricity… perfect. And close to the city.

I will not do much more today. The rain is loud on the rooftop, combined with the sound of the wind. This is nature in all its power. Tomorrow after breakfast I will tour this Island – I will not care about the weather.

NB: Pictures will be added later. The internet is not the fastest. 🙂

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