Finaly. After a good day at work I made my way to Oslo. First tile in years with Norwegian. Positivly surprised. Good plane, good service. Nothing to complain. Quiet a competition to Norwegian on domestic flights where you don’t need an alliance.

Norwegian flight to Oslo at Molde Airport Årø

Found out that all the airportbusses belong to the mafia… 70 NOK for a short trip to the hotel an to the airport and once more tomorrow morning. 210 NOK for nothing. Luckyly they don’t charge for airport transfer in the US.

Departure hall at Oslo Gardermoen airport

Staying at Scandic Gardermoen. Bonus night with upgrade. Ok hotel for one short night. Alarm ar 3:30 tomorrow morning to catch my flight. Got allready checked in after som trouble. Seat 54G on the Boeing 740-400. all the way back but at the aisle. Early night.


2 thoughts on “Starting the holiday”

  1. 70NOK + 70 NOK = 140 NOK
    Pocket change 🙂

    God tur Bjørn!

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