Finally I came home from my trip to Sweden on Sunday.

I left the hotel at Oslo Airport Gardermoen around 8 am after a nice breakfast. On the road again, down towards Gothenburg. The highways around Oslo are not the best and you have to pay toll for them. Combined with a speed limit between 60 and 80 km/h you are happy to leave the area and come closer to the Swedish border.

Crossing the Svinesund bridge at 9:30 am, entering the holy land. 🙂 The Waze app tells me that it is some 3 hours of driving again. Close to Uddevalla I hav to change fron the highway to regional streets going east to Jönköping. One exit before the interchange I see a shopping center and a big IKEA sign. Why not try there. Entering the shop was a very good idea. The chairs I needed are there and the first thing I did was to get them, pay them and try to get them into my car.

Not enough with that. I checked and found out, that IKEA there had everything I needed for my living room. And I would save the money to get it send in Norway. So I ended up with something looking like this:


Chair no. 1






Chair no. 2






And some more things.






I ended up filling my car. Even with paying customs I would have some money in the end (minus the drive to Sweden, but I take that as a bonus).

Next thing to do – cancel my hotel in Jönköping and find another one, more close by and as a good starting point for the journey back home.


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