11.08.2022 Calgary caching and a Lacrosse game

Today is a Calgary caching day. Karen, Kyle, Robin and I are out to find some caches. Caches that we will need some equipment for – like a ladder.

Calgary is a cachers dream. So many caches and a very active community as it seems. Wish I had that in Norway, but here I own the most around me.

After finding some caches Karen had to leave and Kyle drove me back to the hotel, not before stopping at the biggest outdoor supply store I have seen. All is bigger here.

In the afternoon, Karen got me at the hotel to drive me to a Lacrosse tournament of her granddaughter. Never seen Lacrosse before (only in movies). Interesting game. It was like a family picnic, so food was provided.

Hotdogs and salad

Adam was so kind to drive me back to the hotel after the event. More Canadian real-life. But tomorrow is a travel-day, so I have to pack and prepare for an early morning.

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