8.8.2022 – Calgary and around

A good nights sleep followed by a typical north American breakfast. Bagle PBJ and a waffle. Not really healthy stuff but it will do.

First thing to do is to buy sunblock. We don’t have that much sun in Norway. So I take an Uber to the next drugstore to find the stuff. Spray is the easiest to do.

The self check-out cash register is annoying loud. Like many people here. It doesn’t stop talking. The lady in the shop laughed as I told the machine to shut up. ūüėÄ

Back to the hotel with an e-Scooter. Small problem, since I still don’t have a Canadian SIM. That is the next thing to buy, but I am to early.

Back to the shopping mall by e-Scooter. First shop I find is Freedom. They offer 20 GB for 50 CAD. That is expensive compared to Norway. More so as there is 10 CAD for a new SIM and they put the tax on it at the end. But I get my phone number and my internet.

Back to the hotel to wait for Karen.

12:00 (very much on time) Karen pulls in to take me geocaching. We start with a stop at Tim Hortons (a Canadian type of Starbucks) to get am not so healthy sandwich and a coffee.

We are going to the south where Karen wants to show me some gadget caches/caches that are nice to find. In the middle of nowhere. Most are an easy fix (especially when someone gives you hints).

After some caches we are on our way to buy some stuff for the BBQ at her sons house this evening. I don’t remember the name, but since I am invited, I buy the stuff. It is extremely warm everywhere. Hat and sunblock is a must.

Great farmers market

We pick up her granddaughter from ice hockey training and then buy some ice cream for the pie. Then we are on the way to the BBQ.

Very nice BBQ. Burgers with crisp bacon and other good stuff. Good company even if I feel like I am an invader. A strange man being invited to a strangers home. But we have a good time. Karen leaves early and Adam offers to take me home. A nice talk on the patio with marshmallow cookies .

Going home at about 22:00. Got the tip to see the dinosaur museum at Drumheller. That is definitely a thing to do.

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