Bloody hell… I have to work the whole day befor I can start my trip. No motivation looking at my luggage standing in my office. A little bit like last day of school before summer break. Quizzes, films and talking. Ok, I got some stuff done. ūüėÄ

Bus to the airport. I am a little bit early but not a problem to kill some time on YouTube. I only can check in to Oslo and have to get my luggage in Oslo an check in there again. Ok…

Flight is on time, great weather and after the SAS Plus snack and a 45 minute trip we arrive in Olso.

Starting the journey

Getting my luggage and up to the check in. I have to wait until tomorrow since I travel internationally. They are only allowed to check in the day befor domestic. Ok, not a problem. Firiendly service.

Taking the 420 bus to the hotel. 39 kroner for a ticket. The Shuttle would have been 80 kroner. 9 Minutes bus tour. Got upgraded to a nice deluxe room. I like my status. Dinner was Taco buffet. Not perfect, but Ok. Some videos in the room before it is lights of for tomorrows second day of travel.

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