Sunday- Harstad

After a long and very tiring day I changed my plans to drive another big tour on Sunday. I slept in and that was what I needed. So today it will be a tour in Harstad and the surrounding areas, just taking it easy and do some geocaching.

Harstad on a Sunday is not the beating heart of the universe. Quite opposite it is more dead than alive. Without the geocaching I would have not had to do much. They are building at several places of the city – the same boring architecture as everywhere else. The city center is mostly a small mall (which was closed today) and there is nothing that is very inviting. Even the OK weather is not helping.

So it is into the car and out to do some geocaching – challenge caches that I qualify for. And that where a few. A beautiful trip outside of the city center into what has to be a local recreation area, with a long trail in-between military areas, some snow on the ground. Not to cold. I managed to find all of the caches – and water under an snow/ice trap. Some time with a wet foot. Great!

Videos and dinner at the hotel. Works fine with a pizza place connected to the hotel. A very calm and slow day. Back home tomorrow.

Monday – Home

Check out in time, driving towards Evernes airport, taking some more caches on the way since I have some time left and then it is only a matter of dropping off the car, throwing the key into the box and through security control.

I have to attend a workshop I organized online (thanks to technology that was not a problem) so parts of the day are work. Planride to Oslo, some hours at the lounge (continuing working online) and then home to Molde.

A great trip with a bit of improvement for the future. More realistic planning and maybe not trying to see everything in a day. 🙂 Otherwise Lofoten is a place to get back to. With more time to spend ad a more smart placement.

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