After a night of Ok sleep (woke up at 4 and first fell asleep again after an hour) I got ready to get to the airport. A simple breakfast at the hotel was enough. Just some rolls and juice.

Breakfast buffet at the hotel
Breakfast buffet at the hotel

Bus to the terminal, where I fast found the right line at the SAS Business Check-In. A lot of people at the airport today. Even some who had to skip line because they only had 30 minutes left til departure. I will never understand people getting to the airport to late, especially at the beginning of the Easter holidays.

Only comment of the lady at the check-in after checking my travel route: “Oh….” – I thing I won the prize for the longest and most complicated routing today. She had to go through several checklists and my bag needed to tags because of my many stops.

Fast Track was not to fast – in Oslo they decided to check my electronics one more time. And off to the SAS international lounge. Some oatmeal and Apfelschorle, listening to some audiobooks are killing the waiting time. My flight is 20 minutes delayed.

Departure from gate E11 and after some waiting am I the first on board. A quiet new A320neo. A lot of space in the small Business class. Only 5 people. Best service ever. The guy in front of me had a hair in his meal and wasn’t to happy. One minute later he had a 50 € voucher for the Frankfurt Tax Free shop… I would have liked a hair. 😀 But why is there always fish on the plate. Otherwise a nice meal with rolls, beef salad, butter and a fantastic white chocolate mousse. Yummy. A glass of champagne and water, some Lindt chocolate and the purser where there all the time. Lufthansa service is great.

LH Business Class lunch
LH Business Class lunch

Landing 20 minutes after time in Frankfurt. Taking a little tour and find out that I have to go to Terminal B. That is a lot of stairs down and then a looooooong tunnel from Terminal A where I arrived. My flight to Bangkok is already 45 minutes delayed. So a lot of time (6 hours).

Champagne and Easter chocolate
Champagne and Easter chocolate

Passport control takes only a minute and I am standing in the boring Terminal B. 😀 Oslo has more soul. The normal shops (who would buy this ugly German souvenirs?) and two lounges. I get a burger tohave something warm before tonight and then head of to get a shoulder massage. Expensive and nothing worth the money. Standard program, but I felt a little bit relaxed after it.

Now heading to the Lufthansa Business lounge close to my departure gate B26. I managed to forget my folder with all the printed travel documents. Thanks to online PDF merge and the printing service of Lufthansa, I have them now. I had to forget something at home. 🙂

I managed also not to take videos from the hotel to the airport (because I somehow switched the mode to “photo”), but I should get some footage for the YouTube videos. Got my money back from the wrongly delivered Adobe Premiere Elements 2018, so I can get another one.

3 1/2 hours to my flight now. I will get some more blogging done and then take a coffee and see if they have some cake (I think I saw some on the buffet).

Next post will be after I did my flight to Bangkok. Stay tuned. 🙂

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