Saturday, April 7th 2018

Two weeks of the holidays are over. And it is a travel day. I already have packed my stuff yesterday, so it is just small things that needs to be done in the morning. Last breakfast with my hosts. This AirBnB was great. I can highly recommend staying here. I put in the link to the apartment.

They recommended to do a different route on my way back to Auckland. Not on the motorway, but along the coast on the west side of the Firth of Thames.

A nice tour, especially closer to Auckland. The view on Coromandel might have been more impressive. But much batter than the boring motorway. Finding some caches on the way, but not stopping everywhere.

Auckland is only 120 km away, so the drive is done – including all stops – in about 3 hours. The Jet Park Hotel is found easily thanks to Waze and I get a early check in with ab upgrade thanks to my Expedia status and the hotels ranking as VIP+.

Hotel room
Hotel room

A big room with a great bed, TV and all the stuff you need but all I will do here is to sleep later today. I have to return my car to the airport before 17:00. A short stop at the shopping center to get some water and snack or tonight and a pastry for tea. Now just fill up the car with fuel and return it to the AVIS shop at the international arrival hall. Everything done without a problem.

The hotel has a shuttle service, so I call them and 10 minutes later I am picked u by the van. He picks up some more people at the domestic terminal and returns to the hotel.

Now I cannot do much for the rest of the day as the hotel is far away from everything in an industrial area. But some of my Netflix series still need to be watched. For dinner – after checking the food and prices at the hotel – I order from Dominos Pizza (but no pizza). Deliver in 25 minutes. Perfect.

All my stuff has to be charged for the flight tomorrow and after some more series it is lights out. To Christchurch tomorrow.

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