Long time not post. The new year is already here and I did not do a post in a long time.

After my trip to Argentina, I had a long weekend in Hamburg visiting av friend of mine and his family. Had a great time – it had been some years.

Ahrensburg castle, Germany

My union took me to Krakow, Poland where I spent most of the time in a meeting room in the basement, only getting out when the light was gone. But what I saw was a very nice, old city. Have to get back there one day.

Krakow, Poland

I spent my Christmas holidays home with my parents of course. Meeting friends that I hadn’t seen in a year since I didn’t travel to Germany earlier. A lot of good food and company. New Years eve I spent at my friends house here in Norway. A perfect night, good food, drinks, company and midnight in the outdoor bath tub which is heated by wood and a view over the fjord. Talk about a great start into 2020.

2020 brings new travel possibilities. It will start off with a weekend in Oslo next week to see Madame Butterfly at the Oslo Opera house.

Then, again, I will have my long trip early in the year. My trip to Japan. After some changes in date (I wanted more time) the schedule changed and now I have 2 full days in Shanghai, 3 days in Kyoto and 5 days in Tokyo. I will come back to more details later and there will be a travel diary as always.

Then, after only two days at home, I will go to Germany for the Easter holidays.

In October my brother wants to visit and I will take a long weekend in Germany afterwards to attend Spiel Essen 2020. Both should be fun. And it will be Germany again in December for Christmas.

Between April and October, nothing is planned yet. I hope we can organize a guys trip this year after not managing one in 2019 and I still have the free flight on Finnair – which might take me to Moscow – but that is not written in stone yet.

I am continuously collecting bonus miles on SAS for 20201. The option is Australia or Canada/USA. But more will be posted later on.

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