Wondering what I mean by the title? It is quiet easy. I am planning to take another trip this year and the destination of choice might be… Boston, MA.

Some people who know me might think I am going completely mad. Other will say… ok, here we go again. But I can’t help it. Thanks to Norwegian Reward (Link) I have enough CashPoints (CP) to get from Norway to the US. I would like to try the long distance product of Norwegian (unfortunately, the premium seats are to expensive).

There are of course several destinations I can chose from. LA is not my favorite spot to go to, San Francisco I have been several times, New York has lost it’s charm to me (it is just a big city, sorry), i didn’t like Las Vegas so the only destination  I really can think of at the moment is Boston (except for the ones in Asia, which is not top priority, and I will visit Singapore for a day in April). Just to mention it – If they had opened the route to Buenos Aires, that would be another option.

Norwegian Boeing 787-9
Norwegian Boeing 787-9

The price is affordable (read: free – around 4000 NOK if I would pay) and I have bees there once for a little bit over one day with a group and didn’t see much. Which is the problem when you are traveling in a group. And as I know there is a lot to see there. The accommodation is not the cheapest, but I am used to hostels, so no problem there to find something affordable.

That is the traveling/sightseeing side of the tour. The other thing is the geocaching side. Massachusetts  lies close to 4 other startes (Rhode Island, Connecticut, Main and new Hampshire) which would add 5 states to my geocaching list. 🙂 If I go all the way. It would be 2 day trips to do that.

I am looking at September/October to do that and talked to my boss already. I would need 3 days of extra work to do that which should be possible with all the work I have to do.

So keep updated! 🙂

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