The traveling day has arrived.

Up at 3 am getting a smll breakfast at the hotel. Bus to the terminal with a very talkative busdrive (too early for that) an directly to the gate, thanks to my check-in yesterday. No cue dropping the bag. Hand luggage only is sress free.

Lufthansa is great 2ish hours to Frankfurt are short watching a German movie. A little bit over 90 minutes in Frankfurt. Enough time to buy some German bakery goods – an parts of the airport as it seems. ūüôā

My first fligt with a 747 – yeah. All in the back row 54. At the aisle to have som legroom. Bloody plane has less space than a small 737… The hours (10,5) are spend watching five movies, interrupet by nice staff serving food and drinks. 10,5 hours is enough. It is so nice to stand up and walk.

Lufthansa 747-400

Vancouver and no time to rest. US immigration happens here. First walk through the whole airport, then new security check, machines to scan your passport and fill out the immigration form (yeah, I bring all kind of stuff with me). Next step – The scary guy! Shy is it that even if you do not have anything to hide you feel guilty at the interview? 3 sets of fingerprints… Where are you going, what are you doing there, where do you come from, where have you been before you came to Vancouver… When I am finished it is straight to the gate for my next flight.

The long way to the US border at Vancouver airport

Air Canada found the oldest A320 in storage. Not take care of inside. The crew is not what I had on the flights before – the one guy managed to crush to plastic cups of water on my two seat . ūüėÄ Luckyly not me. ūüôā

San Francisco is warmer then Oslo. I like that. Some waitfor the FREE (let me repeat it for the norwegians – FREE) hotel shuttle. The Westin is a big hotel. Seems their concept is to perfume the entrence area with some kind of signature smell… ufff. The room is BIG… 2×2 meter king size bed and you can have a party in the rest of the room with 20 people. No complains here.

First thing to do now is to buy a mobile card to get the internet going without paying roaming fees. A short 1,5 mile walk to the Milbrae BART station, figuring out the ticket system and of to San Bruno, where I found out is an AT&T shop. A typical shopping mall. Soulless area, and the typical brands and stuff nobody needs.

Tricky to get around… I kept coming back to the same spot 3 times on different routes. Knowing the shop has to be outside I asked and was pointed in the right direction – or so I thought. After walking a mile it didn’t feel right. A very fast check of the map on google (happy to get the bill for that) showed that I was send to the opposite direction… argh. back all the way (I did my walking for today). Finally I found it, was registered and now have my own San Francisco telephone number.

Much easyer to find the way back to the mall, grabbimg a sub and taking the train back to the airport. The hotel shuttle will save me the walk allong the street to the hotel in the dark,

Hitting the pillow at 8:30 pm. Let’s hope the time mess up is not to bad.

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