After a good nights sleep and breakfast I had four hours to spend which wouldn’t have gotten me far. So I went to the local mall at Skärholmen and the shopping center close by. Just getting some inspiration and do some window shopping.

Then it is time to get back to Liljeholmen to take the airport bus to Arlanda.

TIP: The airport bus is the cheapest way to get from Arlanda to the city and there might be several options. Buying online saves you some money. I took the official buss, which was 99 SEK one way – beats the train by miles but needs more time. They stop at the central station (quiete a walking distance from the underground station) or at Liljeholmen south of Stockholm – just take the right bus. There is another company which goes into the city center close to underground stations which might be much more convenient for you if you stay in the center or close to a underground station (89 SEK i think) – search the web!

Arlanda is not the nicest airport. Oslo and Copenhagen are nicer, but you have everything you need. So after getting rid of my luggage and clearing security it is just eating some lunch/dinner and waiting for the plane. An uneventful flight home (not counting that idiot at security in Oslo…) and I even managed to get a friend to take me home from the airport (thanks a lot Kris!).

Can’t wait to get back to Stockholm. I just love the city! But only two weeks before my trip to Hamburg. 😉 Travelling is the most beautiful thing in the world. 🙂

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