All good things come to an end. Some much to early in the morning. I manage to hear my alarm and act on it – out of bed. Simon keeps sleeping. After a shower and packing the rest I +just pack his bag and the luggage we will check in on the way back. 4 guys with Soviet gas masks might raise some questions at security.^^

Last breakfast. We are one of the first to be there, but we have to leave soon. Simon joins us minutes before the car arrives. This time, the car is “better” (don’t look at the crack on the windscreen) and the driver friendly. And he is not driving like on the videos. So we arrive safe and tired at the airport, about 2,5 hours before departure. For me the second time after Marrakesh that I had to go through a scanner before entering the airport. Small airport, we have to ask for the place where we can check in to get boarding passes (the internet check in was not working as I hoped).

Group photo with barkeeper the evening before
Group photo with barkeeper the evening before

After some looking around we find some old fashioned check in computers with this small metal keyboards. We get our tickets to Amsterdam, but not to Ålesund. Have to get it after landing. After some more searching we find out how to check in luggage. Get to the counter – wait a  long time – get a paper – go to another counter to pay – get back to the first counter where your boarding pass and passport is – jump the line and show that you have paid. Too complicated, but we managed. About 30 Euro for a piece of luggage all the way to Ålesund is not too bad compared to other airlines.

Our dinner bill from last night. Cheap for 4 and who the hell had what???
Our dinner bill from last night. Cheap for 4 and who the hell had what???

Emigration and customs to get into the departure area. No problem at all. As everywhere, you end up in the Tax free store. Some water later (or some other stuff for others) we have time to walk through the airport. Nothing special. Small and long. I am tired and could fall asleep on the spot. We have to head to the other side of the airport to the bus gates as on our way to Kiev. Nothing special about this. We have our seats and Simon and I are lucky to have a free mid-seat. And the legroom is better than on the flight in. I don’t remember a lot after takeoff, because I fell asleep and woke just in time to have a baguette and a drink, before I took another nap. 🙂

Not many photos taken today - wing view
Not many photos taken today – wing view

In Amsterdam I organized the tickets to Ålesund at one of the computers. We cleared the automated passport control and the security check. The gate is a little walk away (Amsterdam Schipol is big). We get some food, this time at Burger King. Never had people working so slow in a “Fast” food place.

I checked with the information about my lost coat, but it hasn’t been found from KLM and I have put my lost and found request online to check with the airport (the coat is lost I got a mail days later – nothing found).

Flight back without anything special happening. Simon forgot his hoody in the plane, but got i back at once in Ålesund. 😀 Some Duty free shopping and then we drive towards home. Some dinner is prepared for us, which was very nice. And then it is just a ferry ride home. I did not do much more that day. Some TV and then to bed early.

This trip was just great. We had a lot of fun, a great group and a lot of memories. We are already looking forward for the trip next year.


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