There are to many places to go an not enough time to see it all at once. Since I have to calculate a little bit with my holidays I made the decision, that the trip to Japan will be postponed until spring 2020. Maybe I even can fly in business with the extra month to save bonus points.


Instead I plan to extend my trip to Buenos Aires to 1 1/2 weeks to get most out of this long trip. This opens for very nice possibilities, which at the moment are just thoughts, but might get a little bit more real over time. Since I will travel with Norwegian Airlines, I have the option to fly to Buenos Aires and back from Rio de Janeiro with a small hopp by plane from Argentina to Brazil.

Since this is not a place I will travel  many times in the future, it might be smart to make the most out of it. Just to get an impression of the city (3-4 days). That would get the number of countries visited on that trip up to 3 (a day trip to Uruguay is mandatory). The difference in costs would be the flight to Brazil, which is about 200 Euros (depending on offer).

A possible trip of 25,464 km
A possible trip of 25,464 km

Have to think about it. But it is quiet possible. The trip would then be around 25,464 km. Booking will happen in June. Then I will know more. Unless Norwegian has filed bankruptcy until then… I hope not.

So it will be Japan in early 2020… 😀

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