I booked my flights to the US. Interesting trip. A good mix of companies but no new airports. A pain in the behind to fill out both forms for Canada and the US (and pay for both) – they want to know their stuff. Now I have to check the dates for SFO-PHX-LAS-SFO and find good flights.

Norwegian was 1/3 of the SAS price. I just had to take them.

Flight plan now:

MOL – OSL – Norwegian

OSL – FRA – Lufthansa (hopefully Boeing 747 – they say it should be)

FRA – YVR – Lufthansa

YVR – SFO – Air Canada

SFO – YYZ – Air Canada

YYZ – LHR – Air Canada (they say it is a Boeing 787-8…)


OSL – MOL – Norwegian

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