Sometimes I am astonished about my own craziness. I was a tour out on the internet an was looking for inspirations for the 2019 all guys tour. We talked a little bit about Krakow and Berlin. Great places to go to. But then I found this link by accident after being inspired by some YouTube videos.

The thing that happened was, that Blacky send me a mail one Thursday afternoon with just a few lines… A possible tour date, the price for an all inclusive tour and a price for the flight, concluding with the words “That is doable!”

Being away for the weekend, I had to wait until Tuesday to ask if was serious… he was. And of course I am in, should it become a reality. But where will this location be?

Somewhere on the map down below. And as said before… this is until now just a wild idea and there is some work to be done. Maybe we still end up in Krakow or Berlin or some other fun place. Either way, I am looking forward to the next all guys tour in 2019. What better way to travel than with friends that are as crazy as yourself.

A big area to explore...
A big area to explore…


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