Why didn’t we chose to go to St. Petersburg? That would have been a much easier task to get in, since they offer a free electronic (online) visa for tourists. But nor for the rest of the country.

It seems, that in Norway you have 3 options. Going to the visa center in either Oslo or Kirkenes – which means that you have to travel there (Oslo is closest to me), lose a work day and pay lots of money for the flight – or you use the authorized visa center in Oslo to do the work for you (of course it costs a fee, but cheaper than the alternative.

What do I need?

  • Visa application from the official homepage (LINK)
  • An official invitation from the hotel
  • A passport photo
  • An attestation from your travel insurance, with signature
  • Your passport (of course^^)
  • Your residence permit (if you are not Norwegian)
  • 315 NOK (ca. 32 €)

Sending all of it by registered letter, getting it back the same way (I send my passport, so it has to be a safe way) and the fee for the agency and the visa will cost me about 1100 NOK (ca. 110 €). You have to do, what you have to do. I have all the paperwork here, took some calls and mails – and another fee for the invitation. 🙂

Since I need my passport for my upcoming trip, I plan on sending it directly after I am back. I should take 4-10 days to get everything. Then I am ready to go.

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