Just home from work on Friday, a friend called and told me to cancel all my plans for the weekend. We are working on a geocaching challenge (www.geocaching.com) where we have to find one cache in every municipality of the county of More and Romsdal.

We started in the evening with our first stop in Sula municipality. From there the ferry over to get access to Hareid, Ulstein, Herøy and Sande municipality. Quiet a long drive. We are going to places, none of us has been before. The first stop for the night will be on the island of Runde in Herøy. It is  famous for its bird colonies.

The island of Runde, Herøy municipality, Norway


A small campground that doesn’t have a high standard. Nice people though. But for a night you can live with it. We started a small hike to get three geocaches on the top of a hill close by, 100 meter above sea level. We arrived around midnight. It started to rain (and didn’t stopp for the whole night). Sleeping in a tent (to be more precise a Lavvo) is not my favorite thing to do, I cannot sleep on the ground even on an air mattress. I get grumpy with to little sleep.

The weather stated of quiet Ok the next morning, but unfortunately, it didn’t stay that way. We did our share of geocaches, always managing to catch the next ferry. Places so far from civilization i wouldn’t want to live there. Too many mountains (I like the coastal landscape much better). Volda seems to be a nice place.

Later that day we found our new campsite. And thanks to the terrible weather, we checked inn to a small cabin, with a real bed. I’m in heaven. 🙂 The campsite is in the village of Urke, Østa municipality. The information folder tells about the campsite helping to keep the lokal shop open and is supported by all people living there. great thing. Very clean, basic but everything you need, friendly and helpful people.

Runde camping
Runde campsite, view from the cabin

After checking in, we checked out the neighboring village of Øye, which is the home to one very old, classic hotel: Hotel Union Øye. We are talking high class here. Our first thought was to eat dinner at the hotel, but my dislike of fish (mainly) and our not up to standard clothing made us changing the plan and come back at a later date. But we were allowed to take a look around. A fantastic place.

Hotel Union Øye
Hotel Union Øye

We ended up at Hellesylt, the place you arrive when you take the ferry from Geiranger. Full of tourists. The pizza was getting us full, but not with style (especially compared to the hotel diner…)  and the service terrible (I have to remember to leave a feedback at Tripadvisor).

Hellesyltfossen, Hellesylt, Stranda municipality

After a good nights sleep and a breakfast in sunshine outside we continues our journey. Just two municipalities left du check. Through Norangsdalen to Stranda.


Stranda is known for the Grandiosa pizza (if you don’t know it, no reason to get to know it^^) and for the ski resort. Of course there was a geocache and we decided to take the cable car up to the top of the mountain. 10 minutes ride with a beautiful view. On top we enjoyed a coffee and some pastry before taking the tour down again.

Cable cars to the Strandafjellet
Cinnamon bun with a view over Stranda and the fjord


After a tour to Sykkylven and a power trail of geocaches there we ended up in Stranda, to eat dinner – again pizza, but this time a much better version. Long lines of cars at the ferry. Last caches in Stordal before we were heading back home.

A spontaneous tour for a weekend with a lot of great new impressions and in company with friends. I just need a weekend to relax now. 🙂




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