I have to thank my very good friend Blacksheep86 for introducing me to Geocaching. Check this link before I start explaining. ūüôā

Geocaching (Wikipedia)

I just managed to find some Geocaches on a work tour to¬†Levanger, Norway. One while getting a walking tour through the city – without someone recognizing that I did it – good to be a sneaky guy. And after we were finished for the day, I managed to find three more in the city center by using my iPhone. But it is not the best tool to use. You should invest in a real GPS – just 25 meters from my last for the day… my batteries died *sniffs*.

Hope to find one or two more tomorrow before my flight back home.

Geocache in Trondheim


The weekend I spend in Trondheim I found a lot of GCs – and by doing so you might¬†see places you normaly wouldn¬īt go to. Great way to explore a city and well done by the ones placing them. I plan to place some around my town. ūüôā

Hope that Sheepy will explore some GCs with me on a few car trips around the place where we live. Interesting hobby – you have a reason to get out. But one thing for sure – the geocaches on mountain tops don¬īt need to be found by¬†me. ūüėõ

Happy hunting!

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  1. I did buy a proper garmin GPS, so now we gotta cache em all!

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