2018 and I already started with my first geocache on January 1st to get the souvenir. But I think many did that. Many caches around are not accessible at the moment because of snow. Hoping to get sun and temperatures above zero soon.

Last year I prepared quiet some caches for trails in Molde. I took the idea of a friend to make them both look good, and be easy to find without feeling that they don’t belong in nature. Hope to get them up and going as soon as possible. I also have prepared 1 cache that is a little bit evil. Have to find a place for that, too. If anybody knows how to get writing on a metal plate without using acid and it still looks nice, contact me. 🙂

My trail caches
My trail caches

On the looking for geocaching side, I will take every opportunity I can get. My travels around Easter will make it possible to get some new countries. There will be finds in both Singapore and New Zealand, and I am planning to use my 6.5 hour overlay in Bangkok to get into the country and find a geocache. Not much time to do sightseeing, but a find and the stamp in my passport would be nice. Trips to Bergen, Kristiansand, Arendal, Stockholm and home to Germany will also do the trick. Still hoping to get the tour to Tromsø with the union – that would be great. And the plans for Pentacost are still not in place – there are more chances.

Locally there are some caches in town and around, and I would like to do at least one more trail on the other side of the fjord (and anything I can do as a not mountaineer^^).

My little evil cache
My little evil cache

There will also be some events this year. I am planning of doing 4-5 events in Molde (maybe a CITO) and as I started last year I will do events at the places I travel to. I already have published two in Nez Zealand. The one on the north island in Auckland (Link) and one on the south island in Christchurch (Link). And there will be one special event (with no hope that someone will attend it, because it is a little bit out of the way…). On my trip I will celebrate my 40th birthday and in the evening I will hold an event in Nelson (Link) on the south island.

Meet and Greet in Marrakesh
Meet and Greet in Marrakesh 2017

And of course I will participate in all the events I can.

On thing I’d like to learn is how to make Wherigos. I have some ideas for Molde and the surrounding areas that would be perfect for this type of caches. Especially for tourists.

Let’s get started. I will post more of my caching on this blog.

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