Last year was the first full year of me geocaching (than you Blacksheep for introducing me to this activity!). Every place I go, I try to find at least one of the small boxes, collecting municipalities and countries. I finished the challenge to find one in every municipality of my county, which took a weekend camping trip with friends to complete. This year I might try the get more of the Norway 360 degree challenge (which will take some more years to finish I think). Maybe I want to get one in every norwegian county or even all municipalities… who knows.

But there are local places, too, that I want to (re)visit. Close by, but somehow you never take the time to go there. The islands of Bjørnsund and Grip are two of the places I want to go. Of course there are geocaches there, but I will take my camera, too. And then there is the Aursjø mountain road which I drove last year that wants to be revisited. Take a look at my timelaps video.

And it doesn’t end there. There are new countries on the list. Færøerne, Lithuania, China (Hong Kong), the Netherlands and Morocco will join the list of finds. This year will be great. Looking forward to it.


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