Breakfast at 9. The weather is gray and colder today. But as long as it is not raining, we are going on a boat trip today.

Everybody does what they want in the morning, and we meet up at Slussen at 1 pm to take the bus out to the harbor.

My morning is geocaching. I hop on a e-scooter to get to Kungsträdgården. Only to retour when I am nearly there because I forgot my bus ticket in my room. Thanks to the scooter, the mistake is solved fast.

Kungsträdgården is a nice place to sit when it is warm and sunny. Now it is a good place to take an Adventure lab. The cherry blossom is not far away, but we will not see it this time. But spring is trying to get out there.

Second stop Gamla Stan. E-scooter on old stones is not something I recommend. And I fell for the trap I went in last time… a cache I couldn’t solve. Have to make a note.

Two more caches on my way to Slussen. Buying cinnamon buns for the whole family. A little bit early, but not enough time to to anything else. Everybody is on time and time to go to the bus.

Bus 433 will take us to Stavsnäs vinterhamn in about 45 minutes. Talking about a speeding bus on the highway.

I Stavsnäs vinterhamn, we have to wait about 30 minutes until departure of the boat. People are cueing up at the pier, mostly packet with luggage, bags and everything they need for a long weekend in their hut in the archipelago. Many cats and dogs there, too.

Our ride to Sandhamn

Even with a long cue of people, boarding is very fast. A beautiful ride towards Sandhamn, letting people off at different stops on small islands. The trip takes about an hour. 97 SEK for adults, 65 SEK for people over 67. A bargain for a trip like this.

Sandhamn is a summer village. Mostly cottages where people stay in the summer and ion weekends. A small grocery store that has open the Easter weekend, a restaurant but not much else. Season has not really started (should be around the end of April).

Starting with a walk in the village. Some very nice old houses, and some that need a lot of love. But cozy nonetheless. No cars allowed. Some quads and electrical tricycles with a storage platform in front. Best to way to get around would be a bike, since it is very flat on the island. M

My mother loves crime books that play on Sandhamn, so we have to spot some point from the TV series. After a walk in the village, I would like to go to the beach on the other side of the island. A walk of about 3 km. A walk through the forest on a road that is only straight ahead. There was a geocache on the side of the road that had to be picked.

Wrong turn close to the beach and we had to go back to take the right path. Meeting up with Lars and Chris to go back to Sandhamn. But this time another route. More new holiday homes. Not as cozy as the old village. Modern and can be compared to Danish holiday home areas. Dense, little privacy. But close to the water.

A nice walk, but everybody is feeling their feet after several days of walking long distances. The boat back is supposed to leave at 7:10 pm, so when we arrive we have about 40 minutes wait.

Waiting in the cold is not the best. I gets really cold. I might have made the mistake, not to take a scarf with me. Especially, when the boat is about 20 minutes late. Which is not only adding up to being cold, but we also have to get the bus back to Stockholm.

The crew on board tells us, that the bus will wait, so that should not be a problem. Warm coffee/tea on board and cinnamon buns to get us back to normal temperature. I am so tired today that I could sleep there.

We get to Stavsnäs about 20 minutes after we were supposed to be there and 10 minutes after the bus was scheduled to leave. But he waited. A little bit grumpy, but that is his problem. Back at Slussen after 45 minutes and an underground ride to the hotel.

Dinner this time is at MAX, the Swedish burger chain. Not good, but food and directly at the side of the hotel. The rest of the family wants to take a last drink before calling it a night. I choose to take a warm shower and hit the pillows. I don’t remember much after laying down.

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