Family day. We start with breakfast at 9 am. First breakfast. Big buffet, everything to get started into the day.

Our plan is to do a walking tour around Stockholm together. We start at 11, but first without me, because I have an appointment at the barber shop to get a haircut. I have to be there at 12. On the way three geocaches found their way into my statistics.

The haircut was … not really good. Because of renovations they couldn’t give me all the ordered extras like washing and a scalp massage. Both I have been looking forward to, Unfortunately, the barber nearly shaved my sides. On some pictures (which were deleted by “accident” ^^) I looked like Kim-Jong Un. Not great. Luckily, the hair will grow fast.

To meet up with the rest, I take an e-scooter to Östermalms Torg. The four are waiting for me, but my parents have some walking problems, so it is Lars, Chris and I that continue.

We walk directly towards the Grand Hotel and take a turn left towards Skepsholmen. Skepsholmen has a lot of old buildings, museums and a very nice youth hostel that partly is in an old sailboat. You also get a good view of Gamal Stan (the old town) and Djurgården.

We continue to Kastellholmen, the small island attached to Skeppsholmen by a bridge. Beautiful directly at the water. A very nice place to take a walk and to take pictures.

We go back to Skeppsholmen to take the small ferry towards Slussen, which is included in our 7 day ticket. A lot of people on board, mostly comming from Djurgården with all its museums and parks. To see Stockholm from the water is just great. The ride is short an we are in Gamla Stan at no time.

Our next tour is through the narrow streets of the old town. I have been here so many times, but it is always a nice area to just take a stroll. We want to meet up at the beautiful Cafe “Under Kastanien” for a cake and coffee break. My parents are already there. Good cake as every time I am there (even if they don’t have the French chocolate cake today).

More walking through Gamla Stan and then over to Kungsträdgården. We spilt up to go into some shops. I just go to the hotel to rest a little bit.

For dinner I had ordered a table at a small restaurant that we know from my time as a student in Stockholm. It is called “Crêperie Fyra Knop”. A beautiful French restaurant. Worth looking it up.

My dinner. Great taste!

Back by underground and getting a good nights sleep.

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