Family holiday in Stockholm. My parents are already on the way an will arrive in the afternoon after a three day car trip. I will arrive around noon and my brother 2,5 hours after me. Looking very much forward to the trip. But Stockholm is only the first half of the trip. Two weeks of holidays is needed.

Nothing worse than an early morning to catch a flight. Widerøe will take me from Molde to Bergen at 6:15 am. Taxi to the airport that I ordered yesterday.

Only 20 people on the flight with the ATR 72-500. Shakeing start for the 55 minute flight to Flesland. I have to wait for three hours for my next flight directly to Stockholm. My birthday voucher that arrived 20 minutes after landing is used at the Tax Free Shop in Bergen to get chocolate for the family. Not allowed to use it on alcohol in Norway… no comment on that.

The wait for my next flight to Stockholm was three hours. A little bit boring, but YouTube and Kindle help to kill some time. Flight boarded in time. Small CRJ 900, filled to the last place. Flight time 1 hour (normally 1 hour 20 minutes). Fast ride from Bergen to Stockholm.

Full flight to Stockholm

Landed in time, luggage was there fast. Had pre purchased my bus ticket to Stockholm C with Flygbussarna. 189 SEK return ticket. Cheapest tour to the city. Train is three times that price. Bus stops 5 minutes from the hotel.

Check in and payed for the whole family. To upgraded rooms to superior. Prepared the rooms with some chocolate I bought. Parents get the upgraded room, my brother can stay in a normal room. Beautiful weather in Stockholm.

My room at Hotel C

Small tour into the city since everybody else arrives at 16:00. Got a selfie stick for Rome in the city and then took a walk along Drottningsgatan, through the old town towards Slussen. A geocaching event with the perfect time. Had to wait a little bit but 20 minutes of small talk with other cachers.

E-Scooter back to the hotel, 5 Minutes before the car of my parents came around the corner. We had to get a luggage cart because they took all the stuff from my brother with them. The other two cam by bus 5 minutes later. Perfect timing everything.

My father and I had to park the car somewhere. Parking in Stockholm is expensive. 50 Euros a day. But I researched and found a large parking area at the ferry terminal for Silja Line. 11 Euros a day. A short drive through Stockholm (9 Euros of street fees because it was rush hour) and we parked the car for 66 Euros for the whole week.

A walk to the next underground station and getting new travel cards. We found out that a senior reduced fee can be used. That was great.

My family organized a small bought cake, some candles and we had a small birthday round in the hall of the hotel. A cake, a gift and family. The best there is.

The bedside lamps in the room of my parents came out of the wall. I talked to the receptionist and he offered me a new room with a nicer view for my parents. What a service. I accepted and five people were moving stuff two floors up. Corner room with a lot of windows. It helps to talk with staff when there is something wrong. Just do it in a polite way and you might get somewhere. Great staff here at Hotel C Stockholm.

Dinner was in a restaurant my parents an I found many years ago. A pizzeria in Vasastaden (Il Forno). Small place, but great wood oven pizza. We all were very happy with the food.

We decided to walk back to the hotel. It was faster than taking the underground which we did on the way there. We ended the day with a liquor my parent brought with them from Germany. Home made with Spanish oranges.

Since I got up at 4 am, I went to bed early… not after I had to get down to the reception to get something out of the room my parents forgot while moving to another room.

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