Just 4 weeks until I start my journey to New Zealand. Time to start planning activities.

On my way down I have a 6,5 hour layover at Bangkok airport, Thailand. I could just stay in the lounge but here I have the opportunity to get my passport stamped with a new country and I could find a new geocache in a country I have never bee to before.

6,5 hours is not the amount of time you can use to get a sightseeing tour, but as I checked the internet I found out that you might get 2-3 hours outside the airport. I found a few geocaches close to stations that serve the Airport Rail Link. So it is a “park and grab” type of caching. The two stations I selected are Makkasan with about 5 caches close and as a backup (if I have the time) Hua Mak railway station. One of the caches should be mine.

My caching plan for Bangkok, using www.cachetur.no
My caching plan for Bangkok, using www.cachetur.no

Sightseeing has unfortunately to wait until another time.

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