Waking up to find a message on my phone that my flight from Rome to Oslo has been canceled. This message came at 4:30 am. Perfect. They also are working on an alternative for me.

I am ready to go, when I get the message. It finally comes and says, that I am rebooked from Rome to Zürich in Switzerland and then to Oslo. First on Swiss and then on SAS. And I have about 2,5 hours before the plane starts.

Check out at the reception. They call a taxi for me that arrives in no time at all. Italian style light driving to the airport – leaving another 50 Euro out of my pocket – must be a standard in this country.

Checking inn my luggage and through security control. Not much waiting for my downgraded seat to Zürich. I booked SAS Plus and this seat is only economy. I will definitely try to get compensation.

Lounge food in Zürich

One good thing. I get the cache inside of the Airport in Zürich and another country that I didn’t have on my list, and I have access to the lounge which is very nice indeed. Good food here while I am waiting on my SAS flight to Oslo.

That flight is SAS Plus, but I got a lovely seat in the middle for two hours. Great. But I will get home.

What a view flying in to Molde

In Oslo another small wait in the lounge before my last flight home. Two great weeks of traveling come to an end. But that was not the last time. The next trip is already planned.

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