This is my last full day in Rome. I have been running around in nearly two weeks so I will try to have a more relaxed day – I will try, I promise! 🙂

I am close to the Mediterranean Sea. A good reason to get there. First a bus ride to the station of “Porta S. Paolo” – even stations are holy here. The commuter train to Lido takes only 30 minutes.

It is much less crowded here when I get out of the station at Lido. First a trip to the Carrefour supermarket and then a e-scooter ride towards the Pontile de Ostia. Geocaches on the way. Time for lunch when I am there. The Old Wild West Steakhouse looks Ok. It is OK, but not much more.

Now I can walk down to the beach. Only some areas at the beach are public, most look like they are owned and controlled by private companies and you will have to pay to use it. This would never work in Norway.

Getting around without much walking means I need a ride. They have an “offer” on e-Bikes that are standing around everywhere. Best possibility to take a little tour. Along the “beach” (not much to see behind the walls/fences). Geocaching gets you places. I do a nice sightseeing tour in this very touristy town. I find seven caches before I decide to go back to the station – and find out that the longer trip was not that cheap with the bike (15 Euro). But I am on holidays. I forget about it.

Of course while I was on tour, my train ticket expired and I have to buy a new one for a day.

Back in Rome a new eBike and some caching towards the Circus Maximus. They have some kind of ancient Rugby game there which I watch a little bit before walking towards the city center.

At the Circus Maximus

I said I would like to take it more easy today…it didn’t work as planned. New eBike towards Terminus, shopping pasta an cheese at the COOP to take home (stuff I don’t get in Norway) and then a new eBike to my hotel. The mobility companies have gotten their share of my money this week.

After some packing I try out the Restaurant that was recommended by the staff. Very nice place. Good tip from the receptionist. My “last supper” in Rome. ack to the hotel an packing for my trip home tomorrow.

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