A nice and sunny day to wake up. Fresh rolls from the bakery and late breakfast. Plan for the day is to go to the Münsterland north of where my parents live. a 45 minute drive over side roads (highway is boring in nice weather).

First stopp is Nordkirchen castle, a nice “Versailles style” castle from around 1734. Beautiful but a lot of people around. The castle is a popular place on weekends (especially sunny ones) for a day trip by car or by bicycle. The whole area is very nice for doing bicycle tours. Mostly flat it is easy to get around and I have spend a lot of weekends of my childhood bicycling here.

Me at Nordkirchen castle
Me at Nordkirchen castle
Inside the courtyard of Nordkirchen castle
Inside the courtyard of Nordkirchen castle

Leaving the area, we went on towards the small city of Lüdinghausen. Our goal was the ice cream parlor “San Remo” which we used to visit frequently years ago. Now i is more a once a year thing when I visit from Norway (shame on you Norway that you do not offer good Italian ice cream where I live!). And why would we drive 45 minute to eat there? Take a look…

Coppa San Remo... ice cream, fruit, cream and liquor :)
Coppa San Remo… ice cream, fruit, cream and liquor 🙂

I made the mistake to finish it all… But sometimes it is worth suffering after eating to much. 🙂 At 9 € a cheap thing compare to Norwegian prices.

Another stop I wanted to make was the Vischering castle. One of the three castles in Lüdinghausen and the one I like best, and remembering good times with family there (maaaaaaany years ago). A little bit of construction work going on, but I have been inside before so no problem. We bought some fresh bread from the brick oven – tasty and one more thing which is hard to get in Norway.

Vischering castle - would be nice to live there :)
Vischering castle – would be nice to live there 🙂

After that we took the car home. A beautiful day, around 24 centigrade and blue sky. What a great way to start a holiday.

When in the area, rent a bike an take a tour. So many castles and small towns to visit.


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  1. Looks nice! That ice cream had too much stuff on it though.

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