Time to leave Argentina and go back to the cold north. After a last breakfast at the Savoy hotel – which I can really recommend, both because of the quality and the location – the taxi driver is getting me at the hotel. The drive to the international airport is about 25 Euro and seems to be a fixed price from the city center. The taxi is full of religious items, including an open bible and one may need it in the traffic and the driving style here.

The drive is about 45 minutes and because of road works it is impossible to get directly in front of the terminal. It is much faster to get out 200 meters away, without waiting in the line of cars for a long time.

In the terminal I go directly to the Norwegian check in and there is no cue at the premium counter. Here, Norwegian is weighing the hand luggage, which may not exceed 10 kg combined. I stuffed some heavier items into my pocket and hit the 10 kg mark. 😀

Security control as described before. No hassle to get anything out of the bag and it is done fast. No fast lane her, not that Norwegian would provide it anyways.

Emigration takes my last fingerprint, a last picture and then, with stamp no. 6 on this tour I am officially on my way home. Again a Norwegian Boeing 787-9, row 5. This time the Premium cabin is not full, so I get the two seats to my own. This time, it is officially a day flight, so I have to kill 12,5 hours.

To make a long flight short, it was not the most beautiful flight. The movie selection was bad and few, the food was catastrophic (they were out of options in row 5, the taste was terrible, the breakfast bad) and again the cabin was dirty. No pillow, a thin blanket, no earphones (good to have my own), nothing saying “Premium” and reflects the payed price. The crew was friendly, but that should be normal.

Without my saved bonus and the special offer I could have gotten on another carrier and with some flexibility even managed to get her in business class for a little bit more money.

No real sleep – 1-2 hours dozing – and arriving at London Gatwick at 3:30 in the morning is not great. The only thing to do is getting a 1 Euro sandwich (that was better than the Norwegian breakfast) and wait until my flight at 8:30. At 6:00 the massage stand opens and I enjoy a 30 minute back and shoulder massage that is very refreshing.

I don’t remember much of the flight to Oslo, I was in a state between sleeping and half awake all the time, but suddenly, we were there. Bought some stuff Blacksheep wanted to have at the TaxFree shop and waiting for the flight home.

And it was the same on the flight from Oslo to Molde as before: I don’t remember anything of the security presentation, but woke up 10 minutes before landing. I had lck and got the bus from the airport home. Where I took an early night.

All in all this was a great trip. No regrets and I would like to explore more of South America. Argentina alone has so much to offer and taking the more secure countries like Paraguay, Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Bolivia onto the list of potential destinations, there is a lot to explore. The choice of the hotel was perfect, the trip to Iguazu amazing, Uruguay very interesting and Buenos Aires a great place to start.

I will come back…

Now I have to wait a week until my next, short trip.

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  1. A great read. Just that I don’t get a clue out of your cues. But i didn’t know Argentinians like to queue almost as much as Australians.

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