My last day in Bratislava. I wanted to sleep in, which means the first time I was awake was 5:45. Tehe second time was 7:30 and no chance to turn around and sleep more. I hear the rain outside. Best action is to have a lay-in until the rain stops.

I can leave the house around 10:45. The sky is grey and all the summer weather I had before is no more. But I want to try do do something that I did not do before.

First I walk to the Blue Church (Church of St. Elizabeth) which must be an Instagram highlight. A church built in art nouveau style, blue on the outside. It is not possible to go in when I arrive, since some form of ceremony is going on., That is not stopping em from taking some pictures and find the geocache that is on the fence.

Another geocache is around the corner and then I want to go to Slavín. The memorial for the fallen Soviet soldiers that died during the second world war. There seems no bus going there on Saturdays and looking at the weather I use the app to get a Bolt Taxi there. 5 Euro. The driver drops me of at the back entrance, with som not well maintained stairs.

Up on the hill I first find the geocache – there must be one at such a place) and then I walk around the monument and the park. There are signs in different languages that give you some information. And when the weather is better, you have a great view over Bratislava from up here.

It started raining and I don’t feel like walking any more. And honestly I have seen everything that is to see in Bratislava. So another Bolt taxi to the Eurovea Shopping mall. When I am back at home I have to change my lifestyle again. Taxis are not that cheap in Norway. 😀

There is a cinema at the mall and I want to see Oppenheimer. The movie is in English with Slovakian text. Perfect. The movie starts at 14:20 og ends three hours later. Very good movie ev en this long without a break.

Time to get some food for the evening since I am not going to a restaurant tonight. Had enough of that. Some rolls and fruit will do (this time eating it and not throwing it away).

And then it is time to pack for tomorrow. No hurry, my driver (the lifestyle thing again^^) will get me at 11:00. Also time to get this blog article and the photos from yesterday uploaded and I will download some series for the flight and wait at the airport – no lounge this time.

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