Today I want to have a little bit more of a quiet day. I start with a small breakfast at the main square. A cinnamon bun and a cappuccino. The bun is Ok, but the cappuccino was cold. And of course you pay main square prices.

Brakfast at the main square

I want to find a few geocaches and walk through parts of the city I haven’t seen before. I walk the way up to the presidential palace. It is difficult with geocaches in Bratislava. Many of them are mystical caches which I should have solved before I came. Difficult to do with a mobile phone and using google translate.

Same for multi caches. I am stuck with the few traditional caches in central Bratislava, because I don’t want to walk forever. I get a few traditional and virtual caches and do an adventure lab over the old bridge over the Danube river. There is a shopping mall on the other side, but nothing there that is interesting.

Best to take the bus back to the Old town. Walking to my AirBnB with a stop to buy a bun with plum filling. 1,5 hours relaxing.

At 15:30 starts another free walking tour with the same guide that I had yesterday. This time it is about the Bratislava of the 20th century. 1 minute walk to the meet up point. Quite a large group that wants to hear the darker history from 1900 to 1948 and 1948 to 1990. A lot of bad stuff people did then in both systems.

A lot of walking, interesting histories and Jakob has a very good way to tell histories. It doesn’t get boring at all. A lot of interesting buildings and facts about the country. One guy from Italy lost his family on the tour – they missed a turn at on point – and the man had to suffer some jokes about getting rid of them on purpose – I saw them in the Old town later on the way to him.

Since I have to get up early tomorrow to catch a train, I walk home and have dinner at the other restaurant directly at my AirBnB. A goulash with a steamed dumpling.

Goulash with dumpling

I managed again to get a lot of steps… and tomorrow will be another walking day.

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