After a nice day at work i set off to the airport. You just can’t get to an airport in a small town without knowing somebody there. But you skipp the waiting time by talking about unimportant things.

Smooth flight to Oslo (45 minutes) and a quick change with only an hour overlay to Arlanda airport. Full plane. Got lucky that I chose a seat while checking in that was at a window and left the middle seat free. 🙂 And then just put you funny little, yellow headphone in (the punishment for forgetting the cable for the good one) and the 55 minute flight is over like nothing.

I prebooked the bus to Stockholm city and found out sitting in the bus, that there is another bus that will save me 30 minutes and walking through Stockholm – just going close to my goal. Managed to get of at the next terminal and get the right bus. Always nice to travel into Stockholm – I just love the city! Not much of a sightseeing tour – it is of course already dark.

Change in Liljeholmen to the underground (T-bana) to Skjärholmen where I just gought the bus to IKEA which is opposite to the hotel.

TIP: Get a “ACCESS-card” you can refill for all public transport in the city. You can get 24-hours, 72-hours, 7 days or a month. From 4 days stay a 7 days ticket (300 SEK) is the best.

Some trucks from Poland parking outside the IKEA and it must be a nice outdoor shop for Vodka – some guys where discussing prices. 🙂

The Scandic Kungens Kurva is quit big. More of a business hotel. Simple but comfy standard. Somtimes you might say old fashioned. But for 3 free nights with breakfast – I don’t care!

A fast “dinner” at the big yellow arches and of to bed!

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