Ups I did it again. SAS went out with the offer of 1 million bonus tickets with up to 50 % of the normal points prize. And I did it. 🙂 Two more trips in November.

First a weekend in Stockholm (friday after work to monday in the evening), and two weeks after that a friday to sunday trip to Hamburg, visiting a good friend. 40 % for each of the two trips.

At the same time I don’t hav to pay for a sleeping arrangement. Scandic Kungens Kurva in Stockholm is a very cheap Scandic friends offer (10000 bonus points a night, breakfeast included). Even a little bit out of town it has good connections by underground to the city center.

And in Hamburg I can stay at my friends house – and hoping for some fresh german RundstĂĽck in the morning *hint*.

My flight count is up to 234, not including my planned trip to Hongkong and the mandatory trip home over the winter holidays.

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