While SAS thought it would be a good idea to change all flights to Oslo I had to come up with another possibility to escape home office and the flat where I am now 24/7. So i booked a hotelroom only 90 minutes driva away. The Quality Choice Hotel in Ålesund. 2 nights – or so I thought…

Directly after work on Friday (which means my bedroom) I took my stuff and headet to the ferry over the fjord. 90 minutes (and a geocache later) I arrived in the city of Art Nuveau. There is a full storm outside, combined with some rain and rests of snow. Not the most lovely weather.

Parking is as everything in Norway expensive. 250 NOK (25 EUR/28 USD) for a day of parking, nights inkludet. I got lucky and found a spot that is free between 16:00 and 8:00. So only 10 % of that until 10:00 on Saturday. Then I will leave for some geocaching and relaxing and come back for more free parking.

A little probklem at the checkin. I canceled the booking for two nights and rebooked to get double points for the bonus program, but I managed to only book one night. 😀 Not a problem. The guy at the reception bookd me for another night (I am now missing 25 % of the extra points) and upgradet me to the highest romm category.

At the moment I am a Nordic Choice Friends Gold member. A big hotel chain in the nordics and baltics. WIth the status come some perks. Like early check-in, late check-out, a free soft drink every night, a 13 EUR restaurant voucher each night, free upgrades for at least one room category or (if possible) the highest. This time I got lucky. I am working on getting my Platinum status wich will give me guaranteed upgrades at booking pluss a lot of other perks. Status works…

The room is nice. A corner room looking out on the water. Chais to sit, a tabkle for working, big bed, TV, coffemachine, watercooker – thats how I like it.

After moving into my room it was time to get dinner and put the vouchers to use. A burger (Ok taste) which would cost 21 EUR normally. Butt for 9 EUR I will not complain. Norway is expensive, people get good payments so eating in a restautrant will be expensive. But then I would like to get good quality food! This was Ok.

Because of the terrible weather outside I will start watching some Netflix (I have learned to take an HDMI cable with me) and plan my activities tomorrow. Maybe a litte short video about Ålesund…

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