Tomorrow morning I start my long weekend (Friday to Monday) visiting my parents in Germany. This time, I will fly from Molde to Oslo and from Oslo to Amsterdam. Of course SAS is my carrier. I have to get every EurobonusPoints I can for my big trip next year. First leg in Economy, second in economy+ – should be enough time for a fast breakfast at Oslo airport.

Amsterdam was my airport of choice because is gives me 1 day extra with my parents. The plane leaves early from Molde (which is somewhat a pain in the a**) but I will arrive in Amsterdam at 10 am. That is 9 hours extra compared to arriving in Düsseldorf. Leaving at 19 pm on Monday gives me another few hours compared to Düsseldorf.

Meeting up with my parents in Utrecht, taking a short train ride from the airport. That way they avoid the traffic around the capital. On my way back I will take the train either from Venlo or from Nijmegen/Arnhem just on the other side of the German/Dutch border.


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